Mission Statement: Specialized Organization Services, Inc. is taking a proactive approach to support our client’s success

Specialized Organizational Services, Inc. works as an extension to our clients. We provide service support to enable our clients to complete their goals. S.O.S., Inc. is separated into two entities this helps to better define our services and make it easier to fulfill the needs of our clientele: S.O.S. Computers and S.O.S. Events.

S.O.S. Computer

S.O.S. Computers is the primary foundation of the company. It provides computer field service support for corporate clients, with customers in the Pacific Northwest. S.O.S. Computers has represented clients and provided computer support for their customers for over 29 years.

S.O.S. Events

S.O.S. Events is a full service event planning entity. We have the ability to assess and fulfill all of your event/gala needs through our association with professional venues and providers. S.O.S. Events can assist you with every aspect of your event/gala, or provide singular services to complement your staff. We provide support and guidance throughout the entire process in order to create a flawless event/gala.


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